We are a partner, not a vendor, with all of the responsibilities that entails – like staying on top of industry developments, continually developing new methods of generating more results and otherwise being an extension of our client’s marketing department.

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By staying close to our clients we stay on top of what is happening in their businesses and their industries so that our marketing efforts hit the mark.

Though we will never know your business as well as you do, we commit the time required to know it at a deep level, and not just at the beginning of our relationship, but every day.

We stay abreast of key issues in your industry, and we understand why they are important because we know how the industry works. We can speak the jargon and know when to use it and when to speak plain English. We know where your business and has been and where you want to take it.

Part of this commitment is a regular monthly meeting with you and your team. We get together to share with you the progress we’ve made since our last meeting and to learn the latest information from you, which we use to develop new initiatives or adjust existing ones.


We take a proactive approach to serving you. We’re what you might call natural self-starters.

We look to you for the marketing goals you want to accomplish, but do not expect you to tell us how to accomplish them. Our job is to advise you on the best path to your goals, and then help you get moving along that path.

You will not have to continually prod us to provide advice and make something happen. We continually seek opportunities to market your business and come to you with creative approaches to grasp these opportunities.


We are very respectful of your time and resources. We do the work. You approve it. That’s it.

Working with a marketing firm should not be another job for you. Rather, it should be a burden off of your shoulders.

We will ask you for something—a mailing list, an introduction, facts about your industry—only when it cannot be gotten any other way, and it usually can. We’re very resourceful, as self starters tend to be.