Part of the fun of working for a great agency is being encouraged to think. Here are some of the things we’re thinking about.

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Six Rules for a Successful Press Conference

March 14, 2016 Meredith Yates

Arranging a press conference tends to evoke my greatest elementary school fear—inviting kids to an… read more

Seminar Planning 101

November 20, 2014 Molly Garvey

Hosting a seminar is a great way to increase visibility in your target markets. It… read more

How to Throw A Party That People Will Talk About for the Rest of Their Lives: Lessons From Country Music Star John Rich

September 8, 2014 Jeff Bradford

Recently, we helped our client DSi plan and throw an incredible 15th anniversary party at… read more

15 Marketing Tips to Make Your Business Anniversary A Smashing Success

July 10, 2014 Erin Gagnon

1. Invent a theme and tagline to center your anniversary promotions on. Add this tagline… read more

Three Tips for Successful Event Planning

June 25, 2014 Caitlin Varley

Before joining the Bradford Group, I worked in media relations at a public relations firm… read more

How To Generate PR That Works For Your Business

October 28, 2013 Molly Garvey

Are you trying to generate press for your business? It’s not as easy as it… read more