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The ABCDs of Personalizing your B2B Social Media

November 16, 2016 Mimi Hamid

Written by Intern Leah Tobak

socialmediaWell-constructed, visually appealing social media pages are not limited to personal use or brands targeting individual consumers. B2B profiles should be attractive too, but many can end up looking a little, well, dry. Apply the following tips to make your company’s page more relatable, attractive and, in turn, successful:

A) Aesthetic Matters

Upholding an appealing aesthetic, particularly on more visual social media platforms such as Instagram, can be a balancing act. (I went into more detail on this concept in my previous blog.) Think about the way your feed will appear as a whole, and be intentional and detail-oriented about each individual post. There are a multitude of small habits that can make a huge impact on your visual presence:

•  Use High-Quality Photos: Not only is this more engaging in general, but it shows an understanding of social media’s value in representing the company. If you wouldn’t put out mediocre work in other areas, you shouldn’t on your social media outlets.

•  Space It Out: When thinking of your feed as a whole, be sure that similarly formatted graphics are spaced out appropriately. For example, if you share graphic design work or employee profiles, be sure there are a few posts in between each piece in the series to create a smoothly flowing feed.

B) Blog Like the Wind

Company blogs are an outlet that allow businesses to connect and share content within the industry. While some of this material may be a little too technical for the general public on typical social media platforms, a blog is the perfect way to convey meaningful and relevant information to other businesses and individuals in the industry. Promoting these blogs can also create more content for other social media outlets.

C) Communication Is Key

Social media gives companies the unique opportunity to directly communicate with the public – use it. Ask for feedback, suggestions and opinions through your social media and listen to what your followers say. This direct feedback can provide invaluable, unedited insight into your work.

D) Don’t Forget the “Person” in Personalize

There are many ways to incorporate actual people into social media, and they are crucial to the personalization of your business.

student-849825_960_720 Employee Takeovers: A more common form of incorporating human interaction into social media is allowing an employee to take over a social media platform for a day. This not only gives a behind-the-scenes look at what a typical day at the office holds (transparency points) but it also shows personality and humanizes your company as a whole.

•  Social Media Influencers: A more recent tactic companies have been employing is testimonies from social media influencers. Since they do not wield the star power of an actual celebrity, cost is much less of an issue, but they still have the potential to reach millions of followers. The followers take these idols’ opinions seriously, and a recommendation from them is received as a credible first-hand account.

•  Strategic Following: Who you follow on your social media accounts is often overlooked but can be an extremely useful tactic. By following significant industry-relevant accounts, not only can you get information and inspiration from their posts, you’re also positively associating your account with pages.

Put these tips into action and your B2B platforms will be looking creative and composed in no time!

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