Digital marketing uses compelling content to draw warm leads into your website and nurture them into sales. It is measurable, responsive and focused on results.

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A well-written, regularly updated blog that makes good use of keywords – that is, the kind we write – is one of the best tactics available for drawing potential customers to your website.

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Content Marketing

Through content marketing we create information that your potential customers want – so much that they are willing to provide valuable information in return, such as their email address.

Inbound Marketing Analytics/ROI

We provide our inbound marketing clients with access to an online dashboard that makes it easy to track in real time the results of our work and calculate the ROI of every inbound marketing tactic. You’ll see the number and quality of all leads generated and customers acquired. And because our analytics system can be connected to many CRM systems, such as Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics and Netsuite, customers can integrate marketing and sales efforts – tracking customers from first impression to first order and beyond.

Related Projects

Lead Nurturing

Content is king in all inbound marketing, and this is especially true in lead nurturing – the process of identifying qualified sales prospects and systematically moving them down the sales funnel to a purchasing decision. Our writers know how to create content that keeps prospects engaged from beginning to end. We partner this with powerful online technology to build preference for a client’s brand well before the prospect is actively participating in the buying process.

Marketing Automation

The Bradford Group uses top-of-the-line automated online marketing systems to create customized, endlessly configurable campaigns that automatically send personalized emails and landing page links to prospects who visit the client’s website and/or blog. Emails are tailored to the page visited and the prospect’s current and past interaction with the client.


Search Engine Optimization is the art of making sure your website is easily findable by search engines, especially Google, and that your website is ranked at the top of searches for appropriate keywords. The most effective SEO is a combination of coding and content.


Inbound marketing is based on sharing valuable information with prospects before they have committed to buy, with the expectation that an informed prospect treated with respect is likely to become a paying customer with long- term brand loyalty. Webinars have the advantage of both delivering valuable content and establishing a personnel connection with the prospect. We are adept at both creating compelling webinar content and generating participation in them.

Website Development and Design

Working with a team of highly qualified designers and coders, each selected for the skills and experience they bring to a specific project, the Bradford Group creates result-oriented websites that work as well as they look.