Thanks to the web, PR is more important than ever before, because we can now reach people directly – not just through the news media – and have a conversation, not just make a statement.

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Awards & Professional Recognition

Chances are, your company is doing award-winning work, but nobody else knows it. We’ll help you get the recognition you deserve by researching suitable awards and writing nominations that make award-bestowing bodies sit up and take notice.

Communication Audit

A communications audit is a detailed, written review of all communications tactics used by a client – websites, advertisements, newsletters, blogs, brochures, trade show booths… everything. This exercise reveals what is working, what isn’t and provides us with the data needed to design an integrated communications strategy.

Crisis Management

We help our clients anticipate, prepare for and successfully handle situations that generate negative publicity and poor relations with customers, shareholders, employees, government officials, neighbors and others. Our assistance can mean the difference between a brief interruption of bad news and a lingering problem that permanently tarnishes a company’s reputation.

Event Management

Event management begins with creating the right idea for an event – whether it’s a news conference, a party, a street festival, a sweepstakes, a celebrity appearance, new product announcement or something completely new. We excel at developing these concepts, as well as making them happen. We are fanatic about managing every event detail so that the result looks effortless and natural.

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Media Relations

Cultivating and maintaining good relations between our clients and the journalists who cover them and their industries — it’s called media relations. It’s also called the difference between publicity success and failure.

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Media Training

Our goal in most publicity efforts is to put journalists in touch with our clients. So it’s important that our clients know how to best work with reporters, editors and news directors. Media training provides an inside look at how news is gathered, as well as advice on how to use this knowledge, plus coaching on specific message points unique to the client/situation.

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Message Development

Message development is the verbal side of branding. That is, it’s creating clear statements about what you want potential customers to know about your company – and then crafting the language to make it memorable.

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From simple Powerpoints to more elaborate productions with music, lights, actors, video/film and more – we create multi-media presentations that enable our clients to communicate something important in a memorable way.

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Public Relations Analytics/ROI

Using sophisticated, international online resources, we track publicity placements generated for our clients and assign an objective value to each one, allowing clients to calculate an ROI for their investment in public relations services.

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Publicity involves developing, writing and placing news about our clients in online news services, newspapers, radio, television and magazines – on a local, regional and national basis. This includes developing and producing all materials required for these efforts, from press releases and press kits to brochures and video news releases.

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Public relations and marketing research examines clients’ operations, the publics they seek to influence and the communities/markets in which they work. Types of research we conduct in-house include trends analysis, competitive posture, communications audit, focus groups, e-mail, social media and in-person surveys and the acquisition and analysis of proprietary data and U.S. Census statistics. We also design and manage primary, survey-based research conducted by partnering research firms.

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Speaking Opportunities

We often provide our clients with opportunities to tell their story directly to the people they want to influence. Our speechwriting and coaching skills help them make the most of these opportunities.

Strategic Partnerships

Partnering with another organization, such as a non-profit that serves the same market as is served by your company, can be an excellent and cost effect way to connect with customers and prospects. Not only can your message get past the clutter of the marketplace, but it is wrapped in the non-profit’s positive aura. And, of course, such partnerships expand awareness of the partnering non-profit organization at no cost to the organization. It’s doing well by doing good.

Thought Leader Training

Are you an undisputed expert in your field, but sometimes have a little trouble getting your message across to the general public? Our thought leader training helps you strip away the jargon and develop your unique professional persona both in-person and online. We’ll prep you for reporter interviews, speaking engagements and column and blogging opportunities to tell your story.

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Word-of-Mouth Marketing

As the accumulation of marketing messages nears a saturation point, consumers will rely more on information from people they know, rather than from mass media. Word-of-mouth marketing works within casual, yet very important, grapevines by indentifying key influencers, persuading them to pass on a client’s message and tracking its spread. The Bradford Group is among the most experienced and adept word-of-mouth marketers in our region.

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