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    Two Ten Jack Introduces ‘Izakaya’ Concept To Nashville With Unique Dining Event

    World-renowned ramen chef joins Two Ten Jack team to prepare grand opening five-course dinner paired with fine Japanese spirits

    NASHVILLE, Tenn. Jan. 14, 2014 — Two Ten Jack – Nashville’s first izakaya, at 1900 Eastland Avenue – is pulling out all the stops for its grand opening next week – and pulling in the stars.

    During the grand opening weekend next Friday and Saturday, Jan. 24-25, diners will be treated to a five-course izakaya-style meal, each course matched with a fine Japanese spirit, including shochu, a distilled Japanese spirit that’s new to Nashville. The ramen course will be prepared under the direction of star ramen chef Shigetoshi Nakamura, who will join Two Ten Jack Executive Chef Jess Benefield and her culinary team to create the hallmark meal.

    The youngest of Japan’s “Four Ramen Devas”— literally the gods of the cuisine — Nakamura has garnered celebrity status in both Japan and the United States for his innovative approach to the Japanese staple. Nakamura currently runs the Sun Noodle Ramen Lab, which puts his expertise on the road to educate chefs on preparing an exquisite bowl of ramen.

    Valued at over $100, the unique five-course meal will be available for $65 per person, including all alcohol, taxes and gratuities. Tickets are available online at

    “It’s an incredible meal at a special, one-time-only price to celebrate our grand opening,” said Two Ten Jack CEO Patrick Burke. “Diners should act fast, as we expect these seats to go quickly. We’ve already seen tremendous excitement during our VIP Preview Parties last weekend: online RSVPs hit capacity quickly, so we had to manually add people to the list and find a way to get them into an already crowded bar. It was crazy, but great.”

    “We are thrilled that Nashville’s first izakaya is being so well-received. The only challenge now is to live up to expectations, which I am confident we will do, thanks to our all-star team, with Jason McConnell as culinary director and the 2013 Iron Fork winner, Jess Benefield, as executive chef,” Burke added.

    The izakaya concept dates back to at least 19th century rural Japan, where these community bars served sake, snacks and a convivial, after-work ambiance to farmers heading home from the fields. Modern-day izakayas have evolved into boisterous social houses where small plates of Japanese comfort food are served alongside a wide range of cocktails and spirits.

    In the same spirit, Burke and his team see Two Ten Jack as a neighborhood bar serving comfortable, yet interesting food in a welcoming atmosphere. Offering handcrafted cocktails, delectable small plates, and handmade artisanal ramen – among many other handmade ingredients, including real freshly grated wasabi – Two Ten Jack delivers a one-of-a-kind social experience at an affordable price. Dishes range from $4 to $21.

    “Two Ten Jack could only happen in Nashville, because our city is a unique distillation of the rural and city experience, just like the izakaya,”said Culinary Director Jason McConnell. “That’s why this bar/restaurant concept is really at home in our part of the country, and we are actually kind of pioneers, because most izakayas in the U.S. are on the coasts, especially in New York and San Francisco.

    “Izakayas have an entirely distinct rhythm of dining,” McConnell explained. “Rather than the traditional restaurant experience where you receive an appetizer, an entrée and a dessert, Two Ten Jack serves starter snacks, small plates and bowls of ramen that are intended to be eaten as soon they hit the table. The process is informal and the food is designed to complement an array of drinks and conversation.”

    In addition to being the city’s first izakaya, Two Ten Jack is bringing several other “firsts” to Nashville, such as being the first city bar to offer Japanese shochu, a flavorful distilled spirit.  It is also first to explore mixed cocktails, wine, sake and shochu on tap and the first dining establishment in town to serve made-from-scratch artisanal or “kodawari” ramen.

    “Ramen is already taking new life across America, we just haven’t seen it happening yet here in Nashville,” said Benefield. “Two Ten Jack will be the only place in Nashville to serve a bowl ramen as it is meant to be enjoyed—tastefully, artfully and with friends.”

    About Two Ten Jack:

    Located at 1900 Eastland Ave, suite 105, Two Ten Jack is a neighborhood bar serving interesting, comfortable food based on the concept of a Japanese izakaya. Two Ten Jack bases its menu off of unpretentious, yet delectable small plates paired with a vast array of Japanese spirits, beers, and handcrafted cocktails. It is owned and operated by Nashville restaurant group Seed Hospitality under the leadership of CEO Patrick Burke and culinary director Jason McConnell. Jess Benefield serves as executive chef. To learn more about Two Ten Jack, visit and follow them on Facebook and Twitter @TwoTenJack.



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